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Horror is part of human beings. It is fascinating. From Zombies in top hit songs such as the thriller by Michael Jackson to Vampires in the movie Dracula, people want to keep watching. To help satisfy your quest for supernatural exploration, our blog is dedicated to bringing you the best horror movies, games and scary things. You want something ghostly that will send shivers down your spine? We got it right here!

Haunted Houses

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Horror Movies

Cold sweats, nervous laughs, stiff muscles, stifled screams - or not - and, if all goes well, some night when it is particularly difficult to fall asleep. These are some of the effects that horror movies have on our bodies ...

Scary Games

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Most Popular Haunted Houses and Trails in the USA

When you take a closer look at top horror movies and games out there, one of the most notable things is the haunted houses and trails. But did you know that some of the houses are genuinely haunted and not just video scenes? Here are some of the top haunted houses in USA.

  • The Whaley House Museum, San Diego: In 1852, Jim Robinson was hung for grand larceny. Years later, after Anna Whaley built a house on the site where Robinson was hung, Robinson ghosts started haunting the house. Other ghosts that appear on the house include Mr. and Mrs. Whaley and dog. And you know what? In the 1960s, it was classified by the Commerce Department as one of the most USA haunted houses.
  • Gastonia haunted houses: Gastonia is another popular place with dozens of USA haunted houses. One of them is the Alexander Michaels that serves as a tavern in the Charlotte region. Although the details of the disturbance are scanty, ghosts of unnamed patrons are often spotted in the inn. Notably, the ghosts are reported just to relax and do not disturb people. Other Charlotte haunts include Old Courthouse Theater, the Blakeley House, and Lee-McRae College.
  • The Albemarle opera house: This is one of the most cited haunted houses in USA. It is located in North Carolina, and it operated for about one decade between 1908 and 1915. However, it has since been vacated following multiple reports of ghosts being cited in the house. Although there is nothing much to see, it is often open for visitors. People claim that a phantom band is heard playing music, especially in the fall season.
  • Haunted trails in Charlotte NC: In addition to holding some of the most USA haunted houses, charlotte is also home to dozens of ghostly trails. One such trail is the Caroleen Broad River Bridge that has been associated with paranormal stories. In 1943, two sisters coming from a holiday in South Carolina were pushed into the river by a truck. Since then, people report that the sisters are regularly seen in the bridge, especially during storms. Other top haunted trails include the Reed gold mine and the forest horror trail.

Scariest Video Games

If you fancy horror videos and games, our blog looks ahead and for the scariest options to simplify your work. Some of the scariest video games you should expect out there include Resident Evil 7 that is based on the top horror movies of the last two decades. The gameplay is full of enthralling mysteries and tormentors who will truly frighten you. The use of virtual reality technology in the game makes it feel amazingly compelling.

Another top horror video game is Layers of Fear. This spooky video is based on one of the USA haunted houses. When the main character, an artist, starts painting, ghosts overtake him. Corridors wrap up as the doors disappear, leaving you feeling truly frightened.

But this list of scary video games cannot be complete without including the Reel Fear Casino Slot Game. This is one of the best 5-reel, 10 paylines, and 3 rows slots games developed by Booming Games. The game has frightening symbols, including creepy rabbits, ghosts, giant ants, embossed eyeballs, crucifixion, and mechanisms of torture.

Another impressive thing about the Reel Fear Casino Slot Game is that you can play it for free in online casinos. First, you need to identify and register in an online legal casino with impressive casino bonuses. Registering for an account the legal online casino will give you access to the slots games and casino bonus that you should use to play them free and win real money. Also, you can double your real money deposits with the welcome bonus.

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Best Horror Movies of All Time

For those who fancy horror movies, our blog also have their place. We bring you all the spookiest movies that are truly frightening. Here is a list of the best horror movies of all time that you should watch.

  • The Shining (1980).
  • The Texas Chain Massacre (1974).
  • The Thing (1982).
  • The Exorcist (197).
  • The Halloween (1978).
  • Jaws (1975).
  • Alien (1979).
  • Scream (1996).
  • 28 Days Later (2002).
  • The Village of the Dammed (1960).
  • Tales from the Hood (1995).
  • The Messiah of Evil (1973).
  • A Bay of Blood (1973).