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Hello, and Welcome!
Thank you for visiting our blog. In this accommodation, you will find reviews, news, and releases about horror films.

Analysis, comments, and personal opinions are part of the content of this blog. All managed from a subjective point of view like any viewer, but at the same time with some critical point thanks to our knowledge, experience, and studies in the field of film and television.
The blog was born with the aim of transmitting and publicizing horror films, as well as the sub-genres that are within it. You will discover well-known movies and also some low-cost productions or cinema B.

Blog posts are updating, to one or two per week according to the information and events of the film world, as well as the availability to formalize blog entries.

I hope this blog can be a reference before watching a horror movie because it may help you decide which film suits your tastes.
Thank you very much for your visit! I hope to welcome you again with one of our blog entries!