Haunted Houses

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Legend has it that there are haunted places around the planet. Damn houses that hide tragic stories, murders, suicides, which took place years ago. Although they are rumors, many people confirm that they have seen ghosts wandering the halls of these homes or have heard screams from people who lived in them in the past. Dare to consult the list of the most haunted houses in the world:

  1. The home of Amityville.Located at 112 Ocean Avenue, in Amityville, New York, the early morning of November 15, 1974, the eldest son of the DeFeo family, only 17 years old, murdered his parents and siblings with a rifle. People say that this house inhabits evil spirits that make tragedies happen.
  2. The Tower of London.It is over 900 years old, and it is told that there is the ghost of Anna Bolena, who was locked in it and beheaded later.
  3. Loftus Hall.It has a long and fascinating ghost story. Legend has it that a stranger arrived on his horse in the mid-18th century and asked for shelter for the night, and the family that lived here agreed. At night, while the family played a card game, one of the women in the house bent down to pick up a letter and saw that the stranger had a horse’s foot. He then disappeared, leaving a hole in the ceiling that is said to exist still.
  4. The Whaley House.It claims to be the most haunted house in the United States and has been a museum since 1960. Since then, visitors have reported seeing the ghosts of a man who was hanged long ago, as well as the owner of the house, wandering the halls.
  5. Ñuñoa House.Testimonials from people claim to have seen mysterious silhouettes, heard crunches and noises. Also, its gloomy and poorly maintained appearance, the broken glass in the windows, and the gray tone of the walls accentuate the suspicion of these versions.
  6. Atherton Mansion.Goni Atherton’s Dominga inherited a juicy fortune when her husband died in 1881, so she decided to build this mansion in downtown San Francisco. The widow lived with her son George and Gertrude, his wife. Allegedly, for years, George was tormented by his mother and wife, but years later, he got his revenge. According to legend, he returned from the dead to torment his mother and wife at night. And still, today, they say it continues to scare guests.
  7. The Crenshaw House.Often, it is known as the “Old House of Slaves.” This house was the residence of John Crenshaw, landowner, and owner of a salt mine, who committed terrible acts of cruelty inside and outside its walls. He kidnapped men, women, and children to work in his factory and kept them on the third floor of the house in small cells. Years later, new homeowners claimed to have experienced paranormal activity.
  8. Beauregard House.It was the home of General Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, a vital general of the Confederate army in the Civil War. After his death in 1893, the house was silent for many years. It was the scene of a shooting related to the mafia, which left three dead. After that, intense paranormal activity was recorded.
  9. The Myrtles Hacienda.The Hacienda was built in 1796 and over time, has been home to several illustrious owners in life and, it seems, also their spirits. There are several legends that refer to the existence of at least 12 ghosts on this farm.