Scary Games

Yes, we all know that the useful life of a PC when it comes to moving games with ease is more limited than for performing other tasks, due to the higher hardware requirements demanded by this type of applications. To continue enjoying the latest games on the market, we will have to update our equipment in the short or medium-term or acquire a new one, with all that entails.

With this in mind, it is not strange to say that many users have been forced, at one time or another, to stretch or extend the life of our equipment. A fact that, as we anticipate, is not limiting for specific tasks, such as office automation, multimedia, and navigation web, but for those who like to play. In this sense, and it happens to satisfy our desires to enjoy excellent gaming experience in our old team, it is advisable to resort to PC games with few requirements that can still give a lot of themselves and make us have a good time. We are aware that this is a popular event, and since we are in summer, we have considered that it would be a good idea to offer you this unique article divided into two parts, where we collect ten great PC games with quite low requirements.

We have started from a point that we consider right, and that marks the limit between what we can consider “retro”, that is, games that run on virtually any PC, and those that are somewhat more current and are a bit more demanding.

    • Resident Evil 4

For many, the best delivery of the well-known saga of Capcom, for others, the last Resident Evil “really”, although there is a general consensus on the high quality and playability of this title. In fact, its graphics and playable condition is still perfect today, especially when installing the official patch that Ubisoft launched, but its requirements are minimal, so it deserves for obvious reasons to be on this list.

  • Guild Wars
    An online role-playing game that was presented at the time as one of the great rivals of World of Warcraft, and that today has a second installment that, unfortunately, is not well optimized and offers a gaming experience more than criticizable. Despite the years, Guild Wars is still a highly recommended game, with a fantastic PVP, dungeons, and a great variety at all levels. If you did not have the opportunity to enjoy it at the time, you should give it a try, since it still has enough life. Below we list the requirements to enjoy the base game and its expansion Factions.
  • DOOM 3
    One of the best first-person action games ever, but also one of the most controversial. Yes, DOOM 3 is a game that sins of “pasillero”, but it compensates with exceptional graphic quality, a caring atmosphere, and excellent gameplay. At the time it marked a before and after in the sector, becoming one of the most demanding games and an apparent reference for performance tests, today it remains a terrifying experience that, without a doubt, is recommended.
  • Half-Life 2
    Another of the best first-person action games in history, a title that deserves its high graphic quality, its elaborate history, and the individual attention that Valve put in maintaining low requirements. Like DOOM 3, this Valve jewel marked a before and after in the sector, although it did it “in its own way”, with more open scenarios and a different approach to the id Software game. Thanks to the excellent work of Valve, the game runs on almost any team, since its requirements are quite modest. It is important to note that the game had compatibility with DirectX 7, but the gaming experience is inferior, so we do not recommend running it under that API.
  • Warcraft III
    One of the magnificent jewels of the strategy in real-time, and pillar of the mod on which games as popular today as League of Legends would be born. It is evident that at a visual level, this jewel of Blizzard begins to afflict the inexorable passage of time, but it keeps intact its play-ability and addiction. Without a doubt, a game that will guarantee us hours and hours of fun, thanks to its elaborate history, the variety of its missions, and a challenging approach with a well-worked learning curve.